About Me

When it comes to writing, I can pick a topic, and write you a passage that I hope will bring life to parts of you that have lost feeling. I write to make you fall in love with words and what they stand for. I want you to read my thoughts and feel what I feel in every vein and muscle and every whisper that echoes through my mind. I long to put into script the challenges that people like me face on a daily basis, so that you the reader can have a glimpse into our world. My aspiration for understanding is not selfish; it is born from years of relationships with the broken, bleeding, betrayed, and bewildered. It is for the people that have given all the parts of themselves for every reason that a heart holds secret. I write for pain, for joy, for fear, and for truth. There are dark deep parts inside each of us that need to be brought out and shown light. We need to see the clarity that the universe holds for us. My passion is finding these dark places and filling them with so much love it untangles the knots in our souls and minds.

When it comes to writing about myself. I freeze. I could give you cookie cutter answers to common run of the mill questions (my favorite color is purple!), but those things will likely not inspire you to go out and change the world, nor will they really tell you anything about who I am as a human. I feel my best bet at helping you understand what makes me process life the way I do, is by inviting you along on this very personal journey of chains and freedom.

However, “about” pages are meant to tell you about someone; to put the subject in a perspective that allows you to make a quick judgment on if you want to know any more. So since this is an “About Me” page, I feel obligated to share a glimpse into my word. I am a 29 year old woman with a passion for writing and reading. I love poetry, music, art, and food of many origins and styles. I am fascinated by anything that tells a story and the artists that design them. I fight every day for my health. And my body fights me back. I have a long list of diagnosis, but the main ones that affect me the hardest are Hashimotos Thyroiditis (which has caused Hypothyroidism), Fibromyalgia and Bi-Polar II disorder. I love animals and I have two fur-babies at home (a 4yr old Doxie and a 9yr old cat) that are spoiled beyond reason. I believe every human has fundamental rights and I will fight for your rights; regardless of how you treat me. I live with my beautiful partner in a cozy little house that we rent in East Coast suburbia.

My life to this point has held many fathoms and many mountains. I have been through trials that I would not wish on any one, but I have also felt bliss that I don’t think any other person could conceive without being there in that moment and wearing the skin I bear. Life is a book that I am still writing. Some days I get frustrated with the plot and I have to re-write a few chapters now and then. Like anyone else though, I hope my story is worth reading.





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