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Book Review: Gorgeous Chaos by T.K Leigh

Gorgeous Chaos by T.K Leigh

Book 3 in the Beautiful Mess series


As Olivia and Alex attempt to work through the issues surrounding their relationship, more memories come back to Olivia. The two are on a delicate balance that threatens to topple at any moment with disasters on every page. From pure happiness to unspeakable horror, this story touches on everything. Olivia is still trying to figure out who she is and where she came from, while Alexander attempts to create her future.

Finishing this book was a labor of love and curiosity.

I genuinely like the characters and the story line of this series, but this last book was very drawn out. There is a lot that happens between Olivia and Alexander in this book and it happens in varying speeds. It very much reminded me of reading an old journal. How some entries are dated back to back and then other times there are HUGE gaps between entries where the story doesn’t always make sense. The author touches on a wide range of topics including, rape, murder, terrorism, Sex, submissiveness, domination, drinking, suicide, depression and violence. While none of these things where written about in a distasteful manner, they all felt messy and chaotic. (Much as the title suggests). The characters also came off as immature. It was as if they were adults in their mid-30’s behaving as teens.

I think the writer has great potential, but this story did not live up to the potential. It felt rushed and not as well thought out as it could have been.

Not the worst book I have ever read, but I am glad that I only paid .99 for it.




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