Book Review: A Tragic Wreck

A Tragic Wreck by T.K. Leigh

Book 2 in The Beautiful Mess series


Olivia had though she could make things with Alexander work. But the truth is, she would only hurt him in the long run. She will destroy him. The only way to save either of them now is for her to run. She has to get away. She has to leave now before it gets any harder.

In this second story of The Beautiful Mess series, Olivia has hidden herself away on a small Florida Island to give her heart time to heal. She has to let go of Alexander. She has to get him out of her mind.

It would be easier if every fiber in her being didn’t scream for him, for his touch, for the way he smelled and felt. Every night she still sees those green eyes haunting her. The dreams growing more intense nightly.

Everything is just so hard for the sad girl with the big brown eyes. The local surfer has his own eyes on this tragic beauty. His heart goes out to her. Such a sad look on the pretty face. Cam is determined to help Olivia break out of her depression.

As Cam and Olivia create a bond, Olivia works to push Alexander out of her mind. This seems to be working until he shows up to her Island retreat and shatters her world.

T.K Leigh left readers hanging at the end of book 1 and book 2 left me just as unsatisfied. The constant struggle over control in Alex and Olivia’s relationship is the main theme in this part of the series. The battle at times created frustrations for me, wondering if these two passionate lovers will ever truly ignite a lasting flame. Alexander’s actions with keeping Olivia’s past a secret continue to strike me as petty, controlling and immature. Regardless of this however, I enjoyed the story enough to purchase the next book, Gorgeous Chaos, and I am looking forward to finishing the series.



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