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Book Review: Memory House

Memory House by Bette Lee Crosby

Memory House.jpg

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Richmond where this book is based, but I was immediately drawn in. The way Bette Lee Crosby begins this story made me feel at home. There is a magic that can be felt in some of the twists and turns to the outskirts of Richmond, VA and the first few paragraphs of this book truly capture that magic.

You are first introduced to the little home in Richmond and are given a quick glimpse into the life of Ophelia before you are given a more detailed description of the life Annie is taking a break from.

Annie is treating herself to a much needed get away when she stumbles along the home just outside of Richmond. As she comes to know Ophelia, she is drawn to the old woman and to the mystical place that she lives in and runs her apothecary from.

Ophelia has secrets. She knows things; she sees things that no one else ever has. No one, expect maybe Annie.

As Annie and Ophelia create a bond, this story takes twists and turns that include everything from the deepest most real love a person can experience, to heartbreaking tragedy and personal growth. The characters are well developed and there is much to fall in love with through the stories and events scattered through this tale.

My only criticism comes from my desire for more. Ms. Crosby left me feeling like I NEEDED to know more about Annie and her journey in the Memory House. I didn’t feel like her abilities were well rounded and that Annie has much more to tell us about the secrets behind her memories.





P.S. I just found out that the story continues with more books! I will be buying those ASAP!



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