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Book Review: A Beautiful Mess

Review of “A Beautiful Mess” by T.K. Leigh


Olivia is not a happy person. At least not deep down inside. She is a beautiful, successful woman, who has a lot of good things working for her, but there is sadness, a missing piece to her that she doubts will ever be filled.

Although Olivia enjoys nights out with her girlfriends and the occasional fling, she doesn’t do real relationships. They are too messy and too difficult and ALWAYS, ALWAYS lead to hurt, pain, and disappointment. Olivia has made it her mantra to never let anyone get too close again since everyone she has ever loved has been taken from her.

Olivia is in total control of her life and her emotions. Everything goes as she planned it until one night after a few too many drinks when she finds herself in the need of serious help. Olivia’s hero Alexander has been searching for her all over the world and he doesn’t even know. When his sexy green eyes lock on the deep brown eyes of Olivia a spark is ignited.

The two develop a fast and steamy connection while each tries to hold onto the walls they have built to keep others out. Much like Olivia, Alexander has no interest in getting caught up in relationships as he prefers to keep his needs met without drama.

When Alexander discovers his childhood connection to Olivia, he can’t deny that his feelings for her are real. The dominating, possessive Alexander makes it his priority to keep Olivia away from everything that could possibly hurt her, even her own past.

While the hot romance grows between these two passionate lovers, so does the gnawing feeling in Olivia’s gut that Alexander, her Alex, is hiding something from her.

T.K Leigh had me so interested in this story that I finished it in one day. I quickly loved Olivia and her emotional spiral. The writing is well thought out and keeps you engaged, never dropping tempo. There were times when I liked Alex, and times when I didn’t. His emotional maturity was that of a 20 year old, while his physical and economical stats were on the level of a grown, adult Man. How Alexander handles himself and the knowledge of Olivia’s past really pissed me off. It pissed me off so much that I just HAD to buy the next book in the series this morning. I can’t wait to start reading!





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