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A Perfect Mess BOOK REVIEW


I just finished reading A Perfect Mess by Zoe Dawson. I got it for free from BookBub.

As I started this story, I liked the way it began with a silly dream. However after a bit of reading, I realized that the character development was moving VERY slowly. You didn’t really get to KNOW Aubree, the main character, before her aunt is suspiciously hurt and Aubree is throwing herself around about a boy. Throughout the story, the characters develop little in the way of depth and are seen generally as shallow, thoughtless, teens. The male characters are simply viewed as masculine slabs of hunky meat that Aubree wants to plow within a few pages.

The storyline is a decent one but the details are not well fleshed out giving the whole thing a very cheesy feel. The characters are typical hormonal teenagers that can’t control themselves. While the story has potential, and near then end, there are a few chapters that intrigued me enough to want to finish the book, it was in no way a top read for me. There are difficult topics addressed in this story, and while the writer didn’t come off as offensive about them, there was a true lack of empathy and little connection to reality. While this story “could be true”, it is a highly unlikely scenario and very far-fetched.

This is the only thing I have ever read by this author. It seemed juvenile in nature and in the writing. It was inconsistent and wavering. If I were still 16, I might LOVE this book, but as an adult, it did not entice me to want to get my hands on the rest of the series.







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