Inner voice


You need to stay so small
And just fade away
Into nothing
Don’t believe your  heart is draining
Emptying of its worth

Your feelings are faulty
And mean so little
Just tuck them away
Into the void where they stay
Not bothering anyone

Tears are meant for alone time
Where you can hide them
Pretending they don’t exist
Don’t allow your weakness to be seen
It’s not right
It’s not ok
Hold it in

Cover your thoughts
In cloaks of lies
Smile wide
Bat your eyes
Be a pretty girl
Ever giving in to the needs
Of the hosted

Nothing matters except
Saving face
Stand tall when no one sees you
Otherwise stay down
Keep out of the way
Children are meant to be seen
Not heard

You have to change
But don’t stress it too much
Because whatever you become
That too dear
Won’t be enough
For the world
Or me

No promises
No hope
It’s not real
Don’t believe in those things
Just listen to what I tell you
List your value
By the love I give you



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