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It’s not something I am used to, nor do I believe I ever will be. I start my day with the shrill sounds of an alarm to wake me from sleep, followed by the meows of the cat and the lazy whimpers of a puppy begging to stay in bed. The weather is on and I growl at the TV for telling me it’s going to be another rainy day. The shower is nice as it drowns out the sounds of the world temporarily, but there is still the cascading water filling the room and my clumsiness that drops the shampoo on my toe causing a racket. My closet doesn’t have anything I want to wear so I have to track wet foot prints to the squeaky dryer door. I haven’t pulled the clean clothes out and folded them yet; let alone put them away. The hair dryer sings its boisterous tune as it fries the ends of my already splitting hair. I curse out loud as I drop my eye shadow in the sink. Then silently curse myself for making so much noise and possibly waking my sleepy partner in the next room. The drive to work is filled with screeching tires, horns, occasionally the radio and the eruption of motors whizzing on past me.


Work is clicking and clacking of key boards and chitter chatter in the halls, along with phones ringing and emails binging all day long. Occasionally you get the clatter of an upset co-worker raging about incompetent systems and failing internet connections. There is a fan in my window whose task is to circulate the air, but does a better job of creating a steady stream of white noise. Even when the afternoon lag hits, there is still noise. Around three you hear the coffee pot gearing back up for the unwavering stream of caffeine addicted workers all down the hall. You would think a shiny hardly used Keurig would be quiet, but no, even that has to have its own obnoxious rumble.

coffee spill.jpg

After work I come home to a rambunctious little Doxie that has to tell me all about her day while she demands her belly rubs (and how could I say no?!) paired with the tales of my beautiful lady’s daily adventures. . Together we make small talk as I get changed and stretched for my daily work out. I have a full hour of Shaun T telling me I “Got This” and that I just have to stick with it. As much as I love that hunk of fitness, he is the loudest part of my day. I don’t know anyone who can get down with Shaun T without having the music cranked.

shaun t

After my workout, the TV usually stays on for the rest of the evening and throughout the night. It’s in the back ground while I cook dinner. The pans resounding against each other as I pull them from the cabinet mesh with the sounds of pantry and refrigerator doors.

Every moment is filled with this perpetual melody of intonating sounds.

Even on the rare occasion that there is no noise, my racing thoughts kick up the volume and demand to be addressed.

When is the last time you held on to a moment of utter quiet? What did you do with it?






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