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Elastic Heart by Mary Catheron Gebhard


Review of Elastic Heart by Mary Catherine Gebhard

I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Sometimes things happen in life that changes us. Sometimes these things are good, sometimes they are detrimentally mind altering. The latter is what has torn through Nami’s life. A normal college student, on a quest to make the world a better placed is raped by one of the most highly esteemed politicians in her area. A man with as much influence over the police and media, as he now has over Nami’s mind and life.

Nami has been through hell and back ever since Morris forced himself upon her. The police wipe her accusations under the rug and the rape kit that she suffered through gets stashed away in storage with no hope of ever being tested. Nami has had enough. Forced to move, drop out of school, and lose any semblance of her former self, Nami seeks out revenge on the man who ruined her life.

As Nami’s thoughts are consumed by her new mission of revenge, she loses focus on anything else. Everything becomes about taking this sick creature down. And then Law gets in her way. Law with his sexy 5’Oclock shadow and Honey colored eyes. He is everywhere. At every turn Nami brushes into him with his alluring scent and warm chest closing in on Nami. Will she ever decipher what Law’s motives really are? Is he a friend or a foe or just a pawn in the way?

Mary Catherine Gebhard once again gives us a novel that you can’t put down while bringing to light issues that people all across the nation face. The topics here are heart wrenching and truly, can’t be ignored.

Bravo Mary Catherine, for touching the world’s soul with your words.




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