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My brother was released from the hospital today.  He had a 100% complete blockage in his heart that caused a heart attack.  He is 35.

Let me tell you, that was a very scary few days.  It terrified me and everyone we know. My brother has been working tirelessly for just over a year to re-work his lifestyle and his habits. He quit smoking, changed his eating habits, and works out daily. He has lost 80# and is probably in the best shape of his life thus far.

The lesson I learned is this; Every day you make choices. Every choice you make will have an effect on your body. This is the only body you get. You have to make sure that the  choices you make will have a positive effect on your body.

Today, I slept in until 9:30. The exhaustion from the stress and worrying had me feeling very weak and worn out. It reminded me of how I felt on a daily basis about a year ago. Tired. Achy. Depressed. Scared. Foggy. I didn’t like it at all. I dragged through the morning and then decided that all the work I have done over the last year cannot be undone over this feeling.

I  hadn’t eaten breakfast so I  made lunch. I whipped up some eggs, spinach,  sliced turkey breast, onion,  cheddar, swiss, milk, garlic pepper and salt. Mixed it all up and baked it.

This light, yet filling low carb, gluten-free dish was the perfect fuel for the workout I had coming. 

Now, as I am lying on the  floor typing this, I am covered in sweat, hot, sore and out of breath,  but I feel a thousand times better than I did when I was laying in bed this morning. 


If any good can be said of my brother’s heart attack, it’s that it  reminded me, and I am sure others, that we have to take care of ourselves and thats its never, never, never, to early to start.

I feel indescribably blessed to still have my big brother. I am determined to use my blessings as positive fuel.

I’m up, awake,  feeling better and I’m about to make this day my bitch. Who’s with me?


P.s. Drink your water


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