It has been a LONG time since I have touched poetry. It was once my passion. Since I am working on getting more in touch with myself again, I thought I would share a little piece.. Forgive me if its rusty…


I feel at such a loss

Giving so much

But Its never enough


Just want a smile

But it hasn’t seemed natural

Not for a while


When my heart found love

I was too scared to jump

There was something she was devoid of


So I bottled it up, locked tight within

Until my eyes were opened

And the soul felt again


To may darkest parts, she gave light

When she opened herself

My world took flight


The broken, the shattered

I loved it all

Nothing else mattered


But pages they turn

And sometimes its the hard way

That we take to learn


Understanding her fears

Wishing I could soothe

All the pain of the years


Love alone was never enough

Time, patience, peace and stability

It’s not easy to gain trust


Found a brightness in her eyes

I wanted to return the inspiration

Before the passionate fire dies


Walls are hard to break

When you have so many layers

Hard to leave love up to fate



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