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Book Review “Let Me Go” by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Let Me Go by Mary Catherine Gebhard


The story starts of teaching you about Grace and the type of person she is. She comes off as a little naive to the ways of the world and you catch yourself wondering what this woman has been through.  Grace has traveled across the country in search of her long lost brother Vic. She comes looking for him and hoping to build a family and life outside of the abuse and vile life that her violent father and broken mother have given her.

Then you meet Eli, Graces childhood best friend turned boyfriend and the love of Grace’s life. Throughout the course of the novel you discover that every punishment Grace’s father doles out on her for sneaking out to be with Eli, is worth it. Eli has loved Grace from the day her first met her. She is all he has ever wanted. He spent his young life teaching and protecting Grace from the ways of the world.

Grace however, thinks very little of herself and pushes Eli to take a chance at following his life dream and to leave her behind. She ends up putting herself through trials that only a woman deep in love would put herself through.

Heart wrenching pain and drama seem to be everywhere in Graces life and she has to fight her urges, her call to reach out to her stronghold, Eli. She longs for his safety and the promises of his enduring love even as much as she did in the past at her father’s home. But she knows that by reaching out to him, Eli will abandon everything else and Grace can’t face the idea that he would give up so much to be with her.

Book 2 in the Owned series, but can be read as a standalone novel. If you haven’t read book one (You Own Me) some of the interactions between Vic and Lennox may not make total sense, but these parts aren’t essential to the story of Grace and Eli. The book transitions between the past and the present and allows you to understand the bond between Grace and Eli. It also helps you love Grace even more when you experience the pain that daily physical abuse can cause.

Mary Catherine does a sublime job at making the reader face the truth about their own life. With well developed, highly complex characters and storylines, she captures real emotions and feelings. You can’t help but to acknowledge the ways that trauma and abuse, in any form, can cause lasting damages to a human psyche.

Another FIVE STAR home run for MCG.

-Dimples In Progress



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