Word of the Day 12/4/15

YES!!!! Its Friday!!! Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am. I plan on helping my mom decorate her house for Christmas!!! Its going to be a great weekend…

Todays word of the day is Gorgonize: To have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect on: Stupefy or Petrify

Have you ever watched a movie and felt gorgonized? Like it was just flat out scary and you were scared to move from the room, you were paralyzed in fear? I watched the Conjuring this week and it freaked me out good! It wasn’t that it was the most scariest movie 9although it did get me to jump a few times) but more that there are forces so real in this world that could just bring you down and tear you apart!


Stay tuned this weekend for More WOTD and my review of Mary Catherine Gebhard’s second novel in the owned series, “Let Me Go”




One thought on “Word of the Day 12/4/15

  1. House on Haunted Hill certainly gorgonized me! I made the mistake of watching it alone, in the dark. Didn’t think it would bother me but the way some of those ghosts moved…. yikes! Creeped me out big time.

    That was the last time I watched a movie like that, in that particular way!


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