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Word of the Day 12/3/15

Happy Thursday loves! Its Friday Eve!!!

Todays word of the day is something I fear greatly. I thrive off of expression and the idea of not having that ability terrifies me.

Actaphasia- A loss of the ability to express oneself using organized syntax.

Unfortunately, I experience this symptom more often than I care to explain. While I am being treating, and by a great doctor, for my Hashimotos disease, the brain fog associated with it and the meds I take can be crucial at times. It can be extremely frustrating to know what you are trying to say and you just can’t put the sentances together. People all around the world face this on a regular basis. The elderly and others with dementia and other mind disorders deal with Actaphasia heavily. It is so defeating to be caged inside your mind with no way to express anything.


I hope you never face this fear.





4 thoughts on “Word of the Day 12/3/15

  1. I am glad you have sought help, and that you have found some relief. This is a terrible prison, and it may take years, to overcome to some degree. I believe that I had this when I was a child, in crowds of people, but now I am free to be me. I am quiet when I want to be, but I can speak. It was a unique breakthrough that I worked on after the initial breaking . I know of what you speak.


    1. Thank You for reading and your comments! It very much is a prison, where there is so much inside and no way to free it. I still don’t do well in crowds. I feel like I can speak through written text much better than I can have an actual conversation. My brain freezes, especially when its a hard to have conversation.


      1. I had similar problems as a child. I out grew it, and I know that part of the relief was finding a real , relationship with Christ. This came about when I was a teen. My father had the same problem. He was shy until he found Christ. I figured I would do the same, and it worked.
        I used to turn colors when I sat by men, and I wouldn’t talk with them, or anyone. I was bound…but inside I was thinking. God set me free, that is all I know.
        I envision a room with the window on the left side of the room wide open. The curtains are blowing. I opened the window, because I wanted fresh air. When I met Christ, he gave me newness of life. At times I get quiet, because I want to Hear His Voice. Many times now, I am told, “Ruby, would you please stop talking.”

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