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*Book Review* Even You by Marilyn Oser

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Even You by Marilyn Oser

I received a free copy of this for a fair and honest review from NetGalley

This is a story of Claire and the loss of her longtime partner Jessie. Claire sets out to understand Jessie through the notebooks she has left in the wake of her death; notebooks filled with stories of Jessie’s childhood across the country, where things and times were different. Things take a dark turn when Claire realizes that all of Jessie’s past is not as pleasant as she thought.

The story line is well researched and written with great attention given to historical details. The author relates events in the story to things that actually happened in US history and nails it.

As refreshing as it was to have an LGBTQ story that wasn’t written about young teens in love, I wasn’t satisfied with this novel. I felt that the beginning of the book was not laid out very well. While the characters were developed there was some confusion about how the chapters kept flipping back and forth. Once I get past the first few chapters, it made more sense. I am not sure if it was purposeful to style the opening chapters this way or not.

Overall it was a good read. I had a hard time getting hooked or interested in the beginning but once I got about a quarter of the way into it, I didn’t put it down much. The author does well to address thoughts and feelings dealing with loss and depression. I would be interested in reading more by Marilyn Oser simply because the honesty and complexity of the characters thought process was heartfelt and showed signs of a terrific writer.

-XoXo Dimples


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