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A moment

The sun dances across her skin as her muscles ripple beneath it. Sweat pools on her brow and threatens to drip down her face. Does she see me looking at her? The shine on her ultramarine eyes mesmerizes me. I don’t understand how something so simple, so routine, can be so beautiful.

A piece of her blonde hair falls along her brow. The sun catches it and I’m not sure if I actually see it sparkle, or if that is just my hearts imagination magnifying her natural loveliness. As she tucks it up under her hat and glances up she catches me staring. I feel the warmth fill my face. It’s not the sun making me hot. It’s everything about her. It’s her white Abercrombie shorts and her pink and brown tank top. She doesn’t care that they don’t match the Wild Turkey hat or her Airwalks. She’s hot, and comfortable and its sexy.

She laughs and asks me what I am staring at. I don’t know if she will ever believe me when I tell her “The most beautiful woman in the world”.

Sometimes I am amazed by the beauty that unfolds when she looks at me. The love I hold for her in my heart over flows. This woman has captured me. Like a picture in a frame, or a painting on canvas. She has molded me into a lover, a companion who adores her and can’t get enough of her.

The air around me stirs and she laughs when I sneeze. Apparently it sounds funny. I am just glad that I make her laugh. The sound of her laughter fills me with light. She sends me to such a high place when she giggles. I feel the weights lifting off of my shoulders. Her smile is like the dawn. It’s a promise of hope and greatness.

She shakes her head and turns back to what she is doing. All of this in just a matter of moments. So much love and laughter felt and exchanged in just seconds.

All, while cutting grass.

-XoXo Dimples 😉


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