What I have to say to you today is simple. Be careful about your words. Make sure they have purpose.

Words carry so much weight. They are how we describe our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our wants, our desires, our fears, and our needs. Words can be beautiful or they can be terrifying. Words can create a world of lush luxury, where you are exalted to a new state of mind and held there clinging to the next line, the next verse, tied to the emotions and the meaning. Words can speak of heartache so detrimental it causes you to shake, your palms to get sweaty and your eyes to drip with the salty wet memories. Words have the ability to warm your cheeks, and send sensational heat through your body; tense your muscle, and gasp your breath. Words can do so many things.

Think about how you would describe a first kiss. It’s such a magical experience. Your heart rate increases causing a flood of endorphins to pulse through every vein in your tender body. The scent of her citrus champagne, mango, strawberry, perfume fills you. Her soft skin against your cheek. You can’t imagine how you got to this place where you can gaze into her lovely blue eyes with her soft pink lips begging to be wrapped around yours. I’ll stop there…

The point is, words can incite memory, and can take you back to that happiness, that joyous amazing moment. Music often does this to us too. Carrie Underwood has a song out right now called Little Toy Guns that hit home hard with me when I heard it the first time. The chorus goes like this:

I wish words were like little toy guns, No sting, no hurting no one Just a bang, bang rolling off your tongue (I wish words were like little toy guns) Yeah, no smoke, no bullets No kick from the trigger when you pull it No pain, no damage done (I wish words were like little toy guns) And just a bang, bang rolling off your tongue (I wish words were like little toy guns)”

Pretty intense right? To me it perfectly describes how words can hurt us. The old saying “Sticks and stones my break my bones, but words can never hurt me”, is total fallacy. Words do hurt. They can cut us very deeply. Sometimes when we fight with a friend or a lover our passions betray us and the same lips that we lovingly kissed with become fierce weapons. They can cause more pain sometimes than physical wounds.

Think about how you use your words. Have they been kind? Have they been true? Have you used your words to make someone laugh, or to tell someone you love them? Leave a comment and tell me about a time, good or bad, when someone’s words stuck with you.

-XoXo Dimples

To see the video for Carrie Underwood’s, Little Toy Guns, Click the link below.


4 thoughts on “Words

  1. As always superb Dimples! As much as we all try to remember to use our words with purpose we all fail and forget that we’re human and that our words can perceived by others completely differently than we mean them said. Reminds me of the #1 Agreement: Please impeccable with your words.


  2. I’ve heard words that cut to the quick and issued plenty of my own. I reserve them for when the damage has already been done by false actions and wield them like a sword severing arteries and inflicting damage with every syllable. Once uttered I have no intention of taking them back, I feel no guilt, and it is done with the express purpose of disengaging from that person forever. Never to be seen, and if I happen to be in the same place by unfortunate circumstances I will look through them as if they were not there. Not giving the slightest hint of acknowledgement.

    On the other hand I always give praise and compliments to everyone. The ability to lift someone’s spirit and momentarily brighten their day or for longer is what I treasure. I had a gentleman contact me on facebook… I did not know the name but opened the message. It was a note thanking me for believing in him, hiring him and pushing him to finish High School and go on to college. He said I was his inspiration for achieving his life goals and he was grateful. I had no idea that I had been an influence on him, or that he had taken what I said to heart.

    Be kind and generous with your spirit, use your words to bring out the best in others. Don’t be afraid of the finality of expressing your anger should the situation demand it. Not everyone that comes into your life is meant to stay there.

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