Taralga Rodeo 2015


Ruth Spitzer

There’s something to be said for patiently waiting for a certain time of year to come round, akin to a child eagerly awaiting Santa to come sliding down that chimney.  In preparation they’ve carefully laid out a plate of cookies and a glass of hearty milk lovingly poured and sitting within reach of the chimney for Santa to make his grand entrance and be greeted with some culinary delights.

So too does a photographer, when January comes round.  It’s Rodeo time – Taralga Rodeo to be exact.    And whilst cookies and milk are certainly not on the menu, we do take special care to ensure we have the correct gear, and it’s in working order. I say this because Murphy’s law would have it your zoom (a much needed necessity for this type of event), would and sometimes does decide to throw a curve ball at you by finally ceasing…

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