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The Fine Print.

So, I thought today I would write something a little more light hearted. All of my posts up to this point have been pretty heavy. But, I am in a better mood today and I think it’s time to tell you a little more about myself. I don’t know how to do this without sounding like I am filling out a profile for a dating website, but here goes!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a 28 year old female. I have a wide variety of likes and interests. I think we have covered my love of writing. Although I don’t consider myself a talented writer by any means, I do think I am “ok” at it. But the point isn’t even that I can put sentences together. What matters about writing isn’t if it has proper punctuation or spelling, or if the nouns, adverbs, and adjectives all line up. What matters is that it comes from the heart. It comes from inside of you. That it lightens and fills you at the same time. Writing is my drug.

Write-because-you-have-to writing

I also love to read. I get sucked into the lives of other people. My favorites are love stories. I am a pansy for romance. Going through the story of another person’s struggles, their thoughts and emotions, even though they aren’t necessarily real, isn’t something that you can really get from a movie or TV show. By reading it, you get the first hand perspective, right there from them. Throw in some magic, or a little steamy sex and I am not capable of functioning until the book is finished. God help us if it’s a series.

I have a fascination for art. I can’t draw, or paint, worth a lick. But I can see and appreciate art. I can walk through museums and stare in awe and wonder for hours at the meticulous hours spent forming these creations in the minds of humans. How do they see these things internally and then create them for the rest of the world to view? It amazes me every time. My girlfriend is an artist. She gets so annoyed because I am always stealing her “practice pieces” and keeping them. She says they aren’t good. But I just fall in love with them and can’t let them be tossed away.

IMG_20140812_183305_561[1] (My lady’s work)

Oh yea, I am in a same sex relationship. That chuffs some folks. There are still people in this world who find issue with this topic. Let me just state, for the record. I SUPPORT LGBTQ RELATIONSHIPS. Is that clear? I’m queer and I’m here. And I am not going anywhere. Neither are the millions more of us. Sexuality is a very fluid topic for me. I have been to every end of the spectrum when it comes to male vs. female attraction. I have seriously and casually dated both men and women. I don’t particularly keep up with most modern terms and labels. Growing up I called myself “Bi”, meaning that I found both men and women attractive. I think now though, the one I most closely relate to is called “Pansexual”, meaning that gender or sex are insignificant in determining my attraction. I know it may seem that there is not much difference in those two terms to many folks, but there is. Someday I think I will go into more detail about what those differences are. For now I will leave it at, I am happily spoken for.


I have been with my lovely blue eyed artist for just shy of two years. However I have known her for over a decade. She is most certainly my best friend and closest confidant. We speak a language no one else understands. We have a lot of love and laughter between us. We have been through a lot of trials in our time as well and have grown something very special. I am amazed by her more every day. Every time I look at her I am astounded by the beauty that radiates from her inside and out. She often catches me staring at her and it makes up both blush. I am smitten.

I enjoy things other than gushing over my lovely woman. I enjoy photography. I am not at all skilled in it, nor do I really even understand all that my Nikon D5000 can do, but I know I can take some pretty awesome pictures with it and some I have even wanted to frame. My favorite things to shoot so far have been urban/rural decay and nature. I have a dream of doing boudoir photography. Classy stuff though, with pearls, not trashy nudes. Just enough showing for a new bride to give as an exciting gift to her groom. Or for a young woman to have shots of her body that she can be proud and confident of. Inspiring photos. That’s what I dream of.


I have a 9 year old cat. He is 18lbs of pure white and gray fluffy fur. He sheds like he is heading to hell in a hurry and it drives my lady mad. He loves to sit in the window sills and watch the birds and other animals outdoors creep around. I love feeling him purr and the way he meows so happily when I get home. It’s like he has had a crazy day and he needs to tell me all about it. He is my man-man and I adore him. The sweet woman also has a dog that she brought with her into our relationship and now I call her my own furbaby as well. The little girl is a 3 year old Dachshund and I am wrapped around her little paw. She’s my diva.

TWT #6 Delilah 1482788_10102521041969162_1079977918_n

I work for the government. I won’t go into detail about what I do, but I promise it isn’t something fun or cool. I wish it were and that I could blog about my awesome adventures. Sadly, in reality I sit at my desk most of the time crunching numbers, inputting data, hitting my vape, answering phone calls, and calming angry clients. I do have a wonderful group of co-workers that make the day go by and often keep me from spazzing out when a client ruffles my feathers the wrong way. I am very grateful for the batch that I work with and that I have a good staff around me at all times. My job could really suck, but it’s not a bad one at all!

IMG_20150327_092617_265[1] IMG_20150502_114824_759[1]

My favorite color is purple. I have 10 tattoos, multiple piercings and I love coloring my hair. I have a slight obsession with buying and collecting nail polish, but almost NEVER wear it. Mainly because I don’t have a steady enough hand to paint them well, or the patience to let them dry. I love make-up, but this has recently picked up in habit since I started using Ipsy. My wardrobe usually consists of jeans or dark/black pants, black/dark shirts, and neon/very bright tank tops. I wear skulls, stars and layers. At 28 years old, I am a professional, but when you look closely you will see the emo/goth/punk kid that I never grew out of. That is, unless I am feeling down-home, in which I will be in camo. That’s my two looks, classy- edgy, or country camo.


I have a thyroid disease and it tries to beat me up a lot, but I am strong and I fight back. The only thing in this world that has really had the strength to bring me totally down so far has been my own body. I have been through a whole lot of shit, but I am still on top. I don’t back down easily because I am pretty damn stubborn. I see something worth fighting for and I fight.


I am a dork and I know it. I have gone beyond being ok with it to embracing it.

-XoXo Dimples


3 thoughts on “The Fine Print.

  1. Loved it… you are my kinda gal. I’m still rocking punk after all these years in my blue suede creepers and docs that have seen better days.


  2. My favorite color is purple too and I’ll love you forever. 🙂 By the way did I ever recommend banana yoshimoto’s books to you yet? I am rereading Amrita right now and rediscovering why it is my favorite… (It’s also her longest). Her books delve into physical and mental pain, love, and magical realism..


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